Global Player Music Management (GPMM) is a branch of Nik Herb-Productions & Moonshadows-Records. GPMM supports artists in managing and marketing their music worldwide. Our standard is proven „international“ – in studio audioproductions, broadcast videoproductions, press, social medias bookings and showproductions a.s.o. . Although GPMM is a startup, we can look at 25 years of experience in the international music and showbusiness. Further you can benefit from our 20 years experience in Broadcast Productions for Radio and TV Stations around the world. Sure we will find the right individual marketing-strategy to increase the chance of a national or international „Hit“. We have the Know How to make this dream come true. With GPMM you get all in one – one of a kind which safes time and money. GPMM – WE BOOST YOUR ENTERTAINMENT

Singer Songwriter Aaron Lee (Australia) powered by Moonshadows-Records & GPMM

Music and marketing at it´s best! Proudly present the

Global Player BOSCH

„Like a BOSCH“ Agency: Jung von Matt

Influencer and celebs for e.g. in sports have a great advantage. The success in music will benefits from their fans. But still their performance has to be professional. That´s how we come into the picture. We set „GOALS IN MUSIC“. GPMM welcomes you on board with ideas, creativity, vocal coachings and individual shaped marketing strategies. GPMM offers the complete portfolio for the international musikbusiness. For further informations cantact: GPMM by Nik Herb-Productions & Moonshadows-Records – info@herb-productions.de / info@moonshadows-records.de Whatsapp: +4917644456500 Hotline: +49 700-700 56500

„Music is everywhere. It is economicwise one of the largest industries in the world. Music supports in Europe two million jobs, contributes €81.9 billion annually to economy of EU and UK. Shows, movies, concerts, festivals streamings publishing and broadcasting in Radio and TV… and even a Chart-Hit alone can hit the market so high that even generations can benefit from it´s financial power. For instance Michael Jackson. Unbelievable but true – The income of Michael Jackson after his death is more than 2 Billion Dollards!

Everybody is talking about influencer, but we believe the actually music is the „Influencer“ No.1 – For Fashion, Lifestlye, Entertainment, Happiness. GLOBAL PLAYER MUSIC MANAGEMENT is proud to be a part of it!

Global Player Music Management supports and consult artists an singers from all over the world. We help to make the dream come true – A Chart Hit! Our scouts are looking for talents, but also for investors and sponsors, to keep the music-machine on the move. They help artists but also benefits from the artists success. GPMM investors and executive producers will get their share and will be be part of the success of the songs.

Perfect music-conzepts made by GPMM are available for everyone. But we love working with companies, sportsmen or influencers, who like to get an identity in music or want to expand their business. We „BOOST“ your entertainment – that is forsure. Look at the campagne „LIKE A BOSCH“!* With us you´ll get the concepts and also the complete package of audiovisual service.

Music-compositions of all genres, lyrics, arrangements, studioproductions inkl. musicians, vocal-coachings, photoshootings, coverdesigns, vIdeoproductions, storyboards, 3D animations, marketingideas, press, publishings, stories, promotion, optimizing playlists at streamingplatforms, giveaways, shows, tours, social medias ect. – That´s all in GPMM!

Modern and extraordinary ideas – GPMM will support newecomer, artists, sportmen and global players to find their right way into the musicbusiness which is full of entertainment an memories which last for a lifetime. Our scouts are happy recieve eMails or proposals from artists all over the world. But they are also looking for sponsor or investors. Executive Producers will benefit as a part of the success.

Visions may come true – GPMM