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Great teamwork – that´s GPMM by Nik Herb-Productions, who´s variety of partners covers it all. He built up an Audio Visual Entertainment Company with huge possibilities and references. Moonshadows-Records,,, Viral Comix, and the Planet-Sounds recording studio. GPMM is your treasure full of surprises in management & marketing. Our Publications made by Herb-Productions were already nominated for media prices. Artist and music will experience an longlasting boost-effect! We bring music to the next level.

Push it to the limit – A famous claim not only in sports but also in music and entertainment. We combine both since the 90s. We set GOALS IN MUSIC! We supported not only worldchampions but also were the author of musicproductions like the hymn of the Paralympics in Salt Lake City USA. We produce and manage singers rappers buts also influencers and sportsmen. We have experience in showproductions in Europe Asia, USA and Australia, We guarantee international standard.

Meanwhile GPMM is the central consultant for musicians and singers and scouts new talents for investors all over the world. Music is the most effective influencer? TIKTOK sure agrees! A good reason why more and more sponsors are intersted in our social-media campagnes, stories und musicvideoclips. Music itself is international and the communicator Nr.1 – A Hit unites the world…

Music is an universal language without frontiers. Managing Director Nik Herb always thought in this dimensions. His soundtracks were used not only at sportevents in Europe and USA – his composition for the international Lasershows brought his music from Japan to USA. In the moment we are working with musicprojects from Australia, India, England, Italy, Germany, UAE, Spain, Switzerland and Malaysia . The mareketingideas and audiovisual products of Moonshadows-Publishing were distributed and broadcast worldwide Radio and TV-Stations.

Global Player Music Management is a branch of Moonshadows-Publishing and Moonshadows-Records. CEO is Nik Herb, who is working for more than 25 years as a producer, broadcaster, composer, Musician, Festival DJ, Host, Master of Ceremony, Radio DJ, author, filmproducer, 3D-Artist und studioowner. Herb-Productions is is mediacompany for Audio Visual Entertainment. As a musicion and producer he was on Tour in USA, Asia, Africa and Euope. His knowledge is a treasure for those artists and agencies who get in touch with him.

Nik Herb-Productions made songs for millions – even before the internet. With GPMM there will be many more… day by day. GPMM – BOOST YOUR ENTRTAINMENT

Contakt GPMM / Nik Herb-Productions : +4917644456500 oder +49 70070056500

Yes we are new but we are already there for mor than 30 years. We have a great network of wonderful singers nearly around the globe… with different characters and styles…. „

Help as an investment.

In the moment we are looking for sponsors for a videoclip as an hommage to Christian Eriksen and the danish football. Please contact: Nik Herb +49 176 444 56500

Sometimes a hit works after years producing it… this could happen – by a yearly remix the song will alway get a second or third chance! Sometimes a aong can be used as commercial music in TV.

G.P.M.M. – Global Player Music Management

Global Player Music Management sucht insbesondere Sportler, die an Ihre Zukunft nach Ihrer Karriere denken und die Musik und Unterhaltungsbranche lieben. Wir geben die Chance ein Teil davon zu werden. Das finanzielle Engagement wird in beispielsweise in ein von Ihnen bestimmtes Musikprojekt gesteckt, dass sie am attraktivsten finden. Moonshadows Records wird dieses Projekt audiovisuell realisieren und gezielt Musikproduktionen, Videoclips, Marketingstrategien, Shows und Stars kreieren.

Wer früh investiert – profitiert vom Erfolg am meisten. .

Visionen werden wahr- mit GPMM

Info: Royalties are managed worldwide by institues just like GEMA in Germany. Nik Herb and Moonshadows are official members of these institutes

How income works:

Where and whenever the song is broadcast or published somewhere itunes, spotify, deezer, tik tok, youtube, …. or wherever the artist will perform the song, there will be an income. The more a song is played, the more income.

Sometimes a hit works after years producing it… this could happen – by a yearly remix the song will alway get a second or third chance! Sometimes a aong can be used as commercial music in TV.